Free Delivery to beat the virus

Amongst this scary virus outbreak, and with increasing numbers of people in self-isolation, we are happy to deliver to your door for free if you're in a 5 mile radius of the farm (Harewood). We hope this helps in a small way.

We're full time farmers, so emails are few and far between.

Welcome to our farm

We farm to regenerate the wildlife and soils of our land. We grow life.


We don't seek to control nature, we seek to understand and imitate her. We farm to draw-down man-made carbon emissions from the air and lock them into our soils as organic carbon through a process called sequestration. 


Welcome to our farm. Unusually traditional.

Grass-fed lamb

We farm our sheep using 'holistic grazing' techniques. That means we move them to a new paddock every couple of days. This leads to long rest periods during which new grasses grow, drawing down CO2 through photosynthesis and locking it into the soil biology.


But it also means we have lots of varied and undisturbed habitat for insects and birds to call home. 

We farm Romney and Suffolk sheep. Traditional breeds that are slow grown on an entirely grass and herb diet. Our meadows include diverse mixes of grasses, herbs and flowers including clovers, plantain, birdsfoot trefoil, cocksfoot and chicory. 

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Pasture reared turkeys

Traditional Kelly Bronze turkeys, reared by hand in our fruit orchard. These beauties are slow grown and properly free range. Hand finished, hand plucked and game hung for two weeks.  

Chilled, wrapped and ready in time for Christmas.


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Grass-fed lamb now in stock

New season grass fed lamb, straight from our farm to your door. It doesn't get any better.

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A family farm

We've been farming for three generations in Yorkshire, which makes us relative newcomers. Alastair, and his wife Katherine, returned to the farm in 2017 with a passion for rearing animals in a way that regenerates nature and the environment.

They're also collecting haphazard sheepdogs. 

Regenerative Farming

We farm to leave our fields, biodiversity, environment and livestock in a better place each year.


This means we have an enormous focus on detail when it comes to everything from animal husbandry to planting new crops. 

We don't just talk-the-talk. If you choose to follow us on instagram then you can see us explain why we farm the way we do. 


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