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We believe our food choices have the power to shape history.  Our mission is to farm for a better future, to correct the wrongs of the system we find ourselves in, and produce food with all the immense nutrition and flavour that can be mustered from a natural landscape allowed to thrive.

Connecting you with your food. 


We believe there is huge disparity in the quality and nutrition of meat on sale. Our food system has been driven by what can be produced most cheaply, rather than what is most healthy, tasty, respectful to animals and good for the environment.


We believe to eat meat of the latter sort probably means not eating meat every day. That is because for most people with a food budget, to eat meat everyday probably means making a compromise.


And when we know we should be eating more whole-grains and vegetables anyway, we choose to make a feature of vegetarian meals and eat meat roughly four times a week. 

When we do eat meat, we want it to be a powerhouse of nutrients. Michael Pollan famously said "you are what you eat eats", meaning if the beef you're eating comes from a feed-lot with a diet of corn and soya concentrate, it is going to have a totally different nutritional profile to a cow that has roamed fields eating clover, herbs and grasses all her life.


Before we moved back to the farm we realised we were no longer happy making compromises on our meat. We started to buy it elsewhere, from butchers and online farm-shops. 


But often we found it hard to confidently trace the meat back through a transparent chain to trust some of the "sustainability" claims made. Often it was difficult to find the actual farm and talk to the farmer responsible for the animals. For this reason five years ago, we gave up eating meat entirely, until we started producing our own. And this is what we share with others.


This is what motivates us to be totally transparent. We welcome questions about how we farm and why we do the things we do. Sometimes we make mistakes and learn of better ways farm. But our mission always remains the same. 



We passionately believe that farm animals are a necessary and fundamental part of a healthy and thriving natural environment. This is a realisation we only came to once actually becoming farmers. Before that we believed all the hype in the newspapers and social media about them hastening biodiversity collapse and climate change.

But in order for farm animals to be a force for good in nature, and not damaging, the farm system needs to be designed differently to most farms. For example, all our ruminant animals are entirely grass-fed and free-range. We plant diverse pastures of herbs and flowers that they graze, encouraging insects and birds to thrive off pollinating flowers and their dung. 

We rotationally graze our animals (mob grazing) in an attempt to increase soil carbon levels which we measure through laboratory testing. 

We call this regenerative farming. 





We hope that over time you will get to know and trust us. We are quite humbly just a small family farm trying to produce environmental, sustainable, delicious meat.


We understand that not everyone stops and thinks about their food choices. Not everyone thinks about animal welfare and the environment. 


We can't do much about that. But for those of us who do care, and understand what eating delicious, healthy, sustainable meat means, we're here for you! 


We hope you join us, spread the word, and enjoy the produce of our Yorkshire farm. 

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