About Us

Here's our Mission...

To regenerate the biodiversity and health of our farm by rearing the best animals we can to the highest standards we know. Which in turn will produce delicious and healthy meat for people who genuinely care and understand what it means to eat good food.

And here's how (our values)...

Connecting you with your food. 


the "delicious and healthy" bit

Our animals are traditional breeds that have served British farmers and dinner tables well over centuries.


They are not modern hybrid breeds that are chosen because of their feed-conversion ratios or growth rates. That's not what we're doing here.

They survived because they produce excellent quality meat and fat.

Because they are traditional breeds, they thrive outdoors on grass and herb diets. They grow slowly, getting exercise in the fresh air and benefitting from a varied and natural diet. 

The science shows that animals fed a grass-fed diet are healthier to eat. The meat is higher in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.


We pay particular attention to what our animals eat, and you'll often hear us referring to grass, herb and legume forages.

Producing delicious and healthy meat doesn't happen by accident. It's a result of attention to detail and an obsession with doing things the right way. 

the "regenerate our farm health" part



We believe to be "sustainable" means to stop things getting worse. To sustain them as they are. But we want to make things better, to regenerate.

We try to take farm decisions that means every year our farmed environment improves.


We're improving the water-holding capacity in our soils, improving and planting hedges, building carbon stores in soils, increasing wild bird-feed supplies over winter.


Here isn't the best place to describe everything we do for the environment and wildlife.


If you're interested in learning more, we recommend following us instagram where you can watch us describe our farming practices in detail. 

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No part of how we farm is a secret. We have no dark corners or hidden practices. You won't find us saying one thing and doing another.

This is something we are really passionate about. Food is a constant in our lives. And especially when it comes to choosing meat, the choices we make about food have far reaching consequences. Be that on our own health, or the environment, animal welfare, or fairness in society.


To know you're making the right choice, it helps to know and trust the farmer and farm that your meat has come from. 

This drives us to be totally transparent, and means we have an enormous focus on animal welfare, and farming with nature and biodiversity in mind. 

If you believe we're doing things the right way, then you may choose to buy your meat from us. You can visit our online farm shop to see if there's anything you like.


the "high-standards" bit


finally, the "people who care" part



We hope that over time you will get to know and trust us. We are quite humbly just a small family farm trying to produce environmental, sustainable, delicious meat.


We understand that not everyone stops and thinks about their food choices. Not everyone thinks about animal welfare and the environment. 


We can't do much about that. But for those of us who do care, and understand what eating delicious, healthy, sustainable meat means, we're here for you! 


We hope you join us, spread the word, and enjoy the produce of our Yorkshire farm.