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Our turkeys are now available to order. We have a range of 4kg - 7kg table birds, which can be collected from the farm or delivered anywhere in the UK.

Traditional Kelly Bronze turkeys, reared by hand.

Slow grown and properly free range. Hand finished, hand plucked and game hung for two weeks.  

Chilled, wrapped and ready for collection or delivery anywhere in the UK.  

Properly Free Range

Our turkeys spend their lives in our fruit orchard. Happily grazing fallen apples, pears and plums as well as making nests in the long grass. 

It is honestly a joy to watch and listen to such contented birds. 

They reach maturity slowly as traditional, heritage breeds should. We have a mix of breeds called Roly Poly, Wrostad and Plumpy to get sized table birds.

All about flavour

Once our turkeys reach their final weight, they are hand finished, hand plucked and game hung at a low temperature for two weeks.


The meat tenderises and develops flavour slowly. 


Meticulous care is taken over the bird at this stage to ensure none of its flavour, quality and potential is lost.  

It is eviscerated by hand before being cleaned and packed, ready for collection. 

What you tell us

“I just wanted to let you know our turkey was marvellous! We all agreed that it was one of the best turkeys we had tasted and will certainly have another next year. I cooked it as per your instructions despite my concerns about not covering it. It was ready at the appointed time and rested for an hour.”


“We can honestly say that was the best turkey we have ever had! We do hope you will continue with the venture into Christmas Turkeys and if so, please put us down for another next year!”


“All worked out great. Very tasty and moist.”


“I thought the whole experience was excellent […]. The turkey was fantastic and we'll definitely be back in December.”


“The turkey was delicious and it easily fed 11 hungry people! Everyone commented that it was delicious and in particular the leg meat which was amazing.”


“The Turkey was perfect and we had plenty for sandwiches for the next 2 days! I loved the fact the bird had a decent life so made me feel less guilty about eating it! I thought the packaging, instructions, presentation and background to the birds life added to it and we will definitely be ordering all our future xmas turkeys from you!”


“What a fantastic turkey we had on Christmas Day. I’m usually not the biggest fan and only eat it because it’s traditional (and is put on a plate in front of me after a few beers) but we all really enjoyed it this year!”


We were very pleased with our turkey, we noticed that the texture was definitely different - a more open juicy texture and a lovely taste. I used every last scrap of it and still have some stock in the freezer made from the bones, for soups etc. Most of all we appreciated the fact that we knew exactly where the bird had come from and that it has been raised in a sustainable and high welfare way. I found it useful to check for 'done-ness' with the thermometer, without that I would probably have overcooked it to be on the safe side."


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