Buy your turkey

There's turkey. Then there's properly free-range, slow grown, traditional Kelly Bronze turkey.

(Guess which we do...)

Properly Free Range

Our turkeys spend their lives in our fruit orchard. Happily grazing fallen apples, pears and plums as well as making nests in the long grass. 

It is honestly a joy to watch and listen to such contented birds. 

They reach maturity slowly as traditional, heritage breeds should. We have a mix of breeds called Roly Poly, Wrostad and Plumpy to get sized table birds.

All about flavour

Once our turkeys reach their final weight, they are hand finished, hand plucked and game hung at a low temperature for two weeks.


The meat tenderises and develops flavour slowly. 


Meticulous care is taken over the bird at this stage to ensure none of its flavour, quality and potential is lost.  

It is eviscerated by hand before being cleaned and packed, ready for collection. 

Traditional Kelly Bronze turkeys. Reared by hand in our fruit orchard.

Slow grown and properly free range. Hand finished, hand plucked and game hung for two weeks.  

Chilled, wrapped and ready for collection from the farm on 22nd  December.  

How to order...

We will list the birds for sale on our online shop at the beginning of November 2020.  Make sure to orders yours in plenty of time before they sell out !