About our packaging

Wrapping meat

We're keen to reduce the amount of single use plastic in the world! For this reason we have trialled alternatives including paper packaging to wrap meat. Unfortunately none of them ensure the meat stays sealed and protected.


At the moment we must continue to wrap meat in a vacuum pack. This means it stays fresh, sealed and clean throughout postage. We will continue to explore alternatives as they become available. 

Packaging for shipping

When we post meat to you, individual cuts are vacuum packed, as described above. The whole order is then wrapped in special sustainable and recyclable wool insulation. This reduces our environmental footprint and supports the sustainable wool industry. The product is called woolcool

We also place specially re-hydrated ice-blocks in the parcel, which along with the wool insulation means your meat arrives with you frozen and can be placed straight in your freezer or fridge.


The whole lot is then packaged and sealed inside a cardboard box for delivery.

Contact us

If you have any questions or concerns before placing your order, then please contact Alastair on 07530 876879 or email alastair@fortshot.farm

We're full time farmers, so emails are few and far between.

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