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Buy a share in a traditional breed pig.  Roaming our farm and eating off-cuts from organic veggies, reducing food waste.  

Once the pig reaches prime weight you claim your share in sausages, belly pork and other cuts. 

A parcel arrives on your doorstep direct from our butchery.

This is Pig Club.

Shares are currently sold out.  Join Pig Club to be the first to hear when more Shares are available.

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Pig shares SOLD OUT! more coming soon.

what's included in a pig share

6 sausages (400g)

4 belly steaks (600g)

2 loin steaks (400g)

2 chops (600g)

diced pork (500g)

pork mince (500g)

(example box)

How it works



Join the club to get access to the next sale of pig-shares.



Buy your pig-share to be part of the next batch.





Keep up to date with how your pig is growing.

Receive your share through the post, direct to your door.

the pig idea

In this time of upheaval we're trying to do what we can to produce more tasty food from happy animals on our farm. That's when we came up with the idea of keeping pigs. 

In times of need our nation has turned to pigs to lend a hand. But it's no longer possible to keep your own pig and feed it kitchen scraps. So we're helping you do the next best thing. 

You buy a share in a pig and let us do the rest.

We keep the traditional breed pigs in our woods and fields, and feed them off-cuts from our neighbour's organic vegetable farm.

When they're fat and ready for the butcher, you get delicious pork delivered to your door.

"Bangers and mash for Sunday dinner yesterday. Those sausages were AMAZING! Thought I'd let you know."


Pig shares SOLD OUT. more coming soon!

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Join Pig Club to be the first to hear when more shares are available.

Thanks for submitting!

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