One Pig Share


3kg of mouth-watering pork from free-range pigs reared in woodlands and pasture. Traditional breed and slow-grown on a mixed diet including organic vegetables.


One share will give you the following cuts of pork 


6 sausages (400g)

4 belly steaks (600g)

2 loin steaks (400g)

2 chops (600g)

diced pork (500g)

pork mince (500g)


This works out at roughly £2.50 per portion.


One share is perfect for two people. If your household is more than two people then we would recommend purchasing more than one share.


The precise variety of cuts in your share could change once the butcher assesses the finished animals, in his endeavor to get the best cuts possible.


Pork will be frozen fresh at the butcher, and will reach you frozen so you can put it straight into your freezer.

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