The rack of lamb stands proud at any feast, even if it's only for two. And this rack comes from our romney lamb which is entirely grass-fed. The flavour and tenderness comes from roaming the fields and maturing slowly over many months. 


Our rack of lamb contain 8 ribs because we believe a decent portion needs to be 4 ribs each. Best cooked as one piece and then sliced to serve. 


Each rack of lamb contains 8 bones and weighs roughly 500 grams. Each lamb rack will serve two people generously. 


  • This rack of lamb comes from our traditional flock of Romney sheep. They've been grazed on pastures of grasses and herbs including lots of clover and chicory. They move every few days to a fresh paddock. 

    The meat is light in colour with enough good fat to melt around the bones when cooking. As well as the meat, it's in the taste of the fat that the quality of a lamb can be witnessed.