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we're signing up farmers now !

Are you a farmer or grower?  Can you produce some extra food? We're paying farmers up front to produce a little extra on the side. We then organise for it to be delivered direct to households across the UK.

This is FarmShare.

FarmShare is a new platform for matching households with farmers wanting to buy and sell directly with each other.


What's more, FarmShare pays farmers up-front and looks after all sales, marketing and delivery. Meaning you can start selling direct but keep your focus on farming.

I'm a farmer. Tell me more. 

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How it works


list your project

You tell us what extra food you can produce around the farm. For example, maybe you can start a project to keep 10 pigs.


sell shares

We break down your project into shares and sell them to consumers. For example, we sell your pigs as 3kg of pork to 100 people.


split profit

Once customers have received their share, we split the profit. FarmShare gets paid its costs and you get paid your time plus margin.


receive funds

Once your shares are all sold, we send you the money to buy the pigs and the feed, as well as the money for organising slaughter and butchery.


fulfill orders

When the pigs reach butcher weight, we send you the packaging and organise collection by a courier. We pay for all the delivery charges.


bank & repeat

Listing a few projects with us means you can sell direct to consumers, earn some extra money and keep farming whilst leaving the rest to us.

"We listed 50 Pig Shares for sale and sold out within 36 hours. We're now waiting for delivery of 6 weaners!"

- Alastair (farmer, Yorkshire)

What's the big idea? Sell direct without the hassle.

In this time of Covid-19 upheaval, many households are looking to farm shops and local suppliers to buy their groceries.

This provides farmers with a unique opportunity to supply these consumers directly, providing a service to society whilst diversifying their own business. There has never been a better time to start selling directly to consumers.

FarmShare matches households looking to source food from farms, with the farmers producing it. And it takes care of all the marketing, sales, customer management, packaging and postage. 

And the best bit for farmers is most of the costs are paid up front to fund your project from the start.


So if you're a farmer with an aspiration to supply direct to consumers, we do all the complicated-new-bit of setting up a route to market for you.


You get the chance to diversify with higher margins and getting closer to the consumer. And they get healthy food direct to their door from a farm they know.

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we're signing up farmers now !

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