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Nutrient dense, 100% grass-fed lamb. The first of the year's spring lamb, from free-roaming animals on our herb and grass fields. 


Cuts may vary but could include sausages, diced shoulder, leg steaks, rump and more. Lamb will be frozen in the butchery and delivered frozen via overnight DPD courier. It is sealed in biodegradable vacpacs and packaged in sustainable wool insulation. 

Delivery will be towards the end of July, but we will confirm via email nearer the time. 


The box works out at £3.37 per meal for two. It will take up half of one shelf in your upright fridge freezer. 

100% Grass-Fed Lamb Box 3.5kg

  • Our Grass Fed Lamb is farmed on species-rich wildflower meadows which are carefully designed to harbour life that makes the rest of nature thrive on our farm.


    Meadows are grazed rotationally, meaning they have long rest periods to recover. They remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and turn it into soil carbon, feeding the micro-biology that makes the meadow re-grow.


    By increasing soil carbon levels by 0.4% a year, agriculture can halt the increase in CO2 concentration in the atmosphere related to all human activities.  Our lambs and farm are a small part of this. Visit to find out more.

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